Send send them away

Posted in content by solle on 17/09/2008

It has to be said that Scott Karp doesn’t bother writing anything until he’s got something decent to say. Most of his entries deserve a star in anyone’s Google Reader. Drudge Report: News Site That Sends Readers Away With Links Has Highest Engagement and Why Every News Site Should Put a Continuously Updated News Aggregation on the Homepage add to the continued debate around the production of and linking to content and the drawn out Google epiphany of send send them away and they’ll come back most days.

Another element that requires a footnote in this debate is the fact that many of the sites in the list found in the first of the above articles carry ads (some of them many many ads) that encourage users to click away – and some sites (even those in the list) carry competitor ads.

So many slow uptakers and fence sitters and walled garden sites have to (a small degree and in a perverse way) been practicing a form of send send them away for years.

(Obviously the average numbers of clicks on banner ads is miniscule compared to average site traffic but nonetheless the principle is worthy of mention.)