Jason Fried gets real

Posted in Business, Leadership by solle on 24/11/2008

Everyone – I mean everyone – who is working in any way on anything related to online from the new start to the oldest hand should listen to Jason Fried’s (37signals) presentation at the recent IDEA 2008 conference  – the recording of which can be found a third or so of the way down this Boxes and Arrows page.

Most folk who have come across Jason know how good he is but even though I am aware of 37signals and I use its products, until I listened to his spot at above and played it to a few of my colleagues I wasn’t aware of how he could become a real force in doing business in a new way.

Meetings: 1 person having an hour long meeting is an hour of productivity wasted, 2 people having an hour meeting is 2 hours lost, 3 people &etc

Offices: Majority of productive work done early in the morning, at night and over the weekend. no one is productive in an office environment

Remote working: To be a success no need to be in the same office, in fact far preferable to not be in same space

Trust/Respect: If you trust your employees then they will respect you. obviously but rarely practiced.

You can also watch a bunch of his appearances on Google Video

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