UXLondon Redux

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We at the London IA group have organised an evening of recaps of the recent – and hugely successful – UXLondon

The line up for the evening at this point is (though it may change):

6.30pm doors open

7pm London IA Welcome

7.05 Presentation round up: Christian Petzny on Dan Saffer – presentation/workshop


7.30 Workshop/presentation round up: Francois Jordaan on Jared Spool – presentation/workshop


7.55 Workshop/presentation round up: Desigan Chinniah sums up Peter Merholz, Donna Spencer, Don Norman

Questions and 15 minute break

8.30 presenter view: Luke Wroblewski (prerecorded video)

8.35 Workshop session: Wireframing 2.0 redux James Box


9.15 Workshop session: Sketching UX Pictionary – Jane Austin/Frances Eida

10.00 presenter view: Jared Spool (prerecorded video)

10.05 Clearleft view & future: Andy Budd

11pm finish

The event is being hosted by Jason Mesut at The Team and is being sponsored by Nick Cochrane at Zebra People with a few prizes and giveaways including copies of Balsamiq

Over the course of the evening we hope to gain insight and feedback into the first day presentations from UXLondon and the second and third day workshops from the perspective of delegates, presenters, people who ran workshops and organisers. We will also endeavour to run a couple of ‘mini’ workshops based on UXLondon workshops.

The event is open to all members of London IA and there will be no charge.

There will be refreshments and a background of music from Martin Belam and I hope Jason Mesut and myself.

Below is the evening’s poster and supporting image:


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“Let’s Web2.0”

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My favourite quote of last week from Clearleft’s China (not) Crisis

Going to write about…

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List of lists

Please reset your email notification settings

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Saturday morning received an email with above subject line. Looked like spam but obviously came from Facebook.

Here’s the message body:

“Unfortunately, the settings that control which email notifications get sent to you were lost. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

To reset your email notification settings, go to:


The Facebook Team”

I don’t seem to be alone but that doesn’t stop me being mighty annoyed with Facebook. To be honest I’d have closed down my account a long time ago apart from the fact that I have connection to an app on the platform.

Read this series of postings on the Facebook Developer Forum

The excuse then from the FB dev team:


This was an error event, and Facebook sent these emails as an alert to users who were affected. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Platform Developer Operations & Support”

And as one poster mentions was it a “fake accident” to “level the field for post-platform2 launched apps” so that they could email everyone to high heaven again?

Whatever it was it wasn’t clever and Facebook continue to position themselves as an organisation that you shouldn’t trust any important or personal data with.

Login now and scramble all your personal data is my advice (that is if you still decide to use the platform).

2008 US Election time

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How you going to watch/listen/read it?

A lot of Twitter, online TV and your usual suspects: The Times, CNN, BBC, Yahoo, Google, The Telegraph, AP &etc

Most of the links you need are here 

Twitter, Plodt Election 2008, Twitter Election &etc

US Election 2008: Who’s making the most of the web? (Online Journalism Blog)

US Election 2008: Coming to a computer near you, live, tonight (The Guardian)

after all the fun need to add these couple of afterthought links:


2008 Election Maps from Kottke