This week’s tabs/links/bookmarks

Posted in content, Data, ideas, links by solle on 26/04/2009

LegiStyles LegiStyles™ are a series of custom styles for the award-winning RSS reader NetNewsWire.

Studio Gelardi sustainable product design

6 Web Apps to Instantly Capture, Share, Display and Meet

Wireframes Magazine

Twazzup search Twitter

Blaubo Design

Fantastico (web hosting)

10 free SEO tools you should bookmark

We Love Typography


Movable Type

Ricardo Baeza-Yates “People don’t want to search”

New ways of interaction

Priorsmart Free worldwide patent search

Liminal Existence Blaine Cook

How long will it last?

Lovely Package

#iamini Twitter search

Paradox of the active user

Create a grid-based CV

i abide

Area 42



A List Apart (for mobile)



Todd Warfel’s Persona Templates

Usability Testing = a good user experience

25 great free resources for making charts

Jeffrey Veen

The Best Ways to Discover Music Through Twitter

20 Safari plugins

Improving the transition from paper to Photoshop

Handwritten typographers



Inline Multiscale Image Replacement

55 WordPress themes

Cool Infographics

Visualisation Magazine Vol 2

Visual Think Map group

Login/form designs

Using mental models in learning


User-centred Design for sustainable Behaviour

Setting Web type to a baseline grid

Expresso Book Machine

Twithority – Comic Sans search

75 ways to draw more

Grid System Generator

50 infographics examples

+81 Magazine

Japanese matchbox design

Omnigraffle UX template

The value of web form design and constraints


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