Crime mapping

Posted in ideas, Online by solle on 24/03/2009


The London Metro today has splashed the story of ‘How your tweets could be an invite to burglars

Mentioned here three months ago 😉

A while back the London Metropolitan Police very kindly produced an interactive crime map that is kept up to date with the latest levels of crime, levels of seriousness and by type of crime.


Obviously at a top level the centre of London varies between High and Above Average and the rest of London as Average. But when you start searching by postcode/borough/street etc say for the crime of Residential Burglary it gets far more interesting. Areas with Below Average burglaries sit right next to areas with Above Average and you start to get a picture of a complex London with its varied populations and economic classes.

The result of this – obviously London residents in Below Average areas are going to be less worried (you would think so anyway).

My question though is – if I was a burglar or car thief (or potentially a prospective one after coming across this handy tool) and had a penchant for a Goggle Map Mashup would I not be saying “Mr Metropolitan Policeman, thank you very much for providing me with this handy tool so I can see streets of London where I might ply my trade (and where residents are going to be less worried about being burgled or having their cars nicked)”.

Stranger things have happened.

The other day it had also occurred to me when your opportunistic house breaker was going to get themselves on Twitter to monitor and see if they can take advantage of the frequency that twitterers tell the whole Twitter world that they will be away from their homes for X period.



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