My photography has changed

Posted in ideas by solle on 09/03/2009

I used to spend hours cleaning up digital photographs in Photoshop  – pixel by pixel for stock photos and major banality around perfection. I was concerned with megapixels and sensor sizes and pined after a Canon 5D. I would treat photo opportunities with great gravitas and seriousness, looking for the perfect composition, light, series of events. My camera bag was my constant companion and Cartier-Bresson quotes would fly around my head – I often would wield around various cameras even on the most mundane shopping expedition (including my heavy Canon F1).

Now it’s all changed.

It’s all about information. Recording information. Sharing information. With speed – immediacy. Quality and composition are of secondary importance. The iPhone, either with just the standard camera and the direct to Flickr by email, or AirMe, or Brightkite is the tool of choice. I don’t care about the 2 megapixel camera – it doesn’t matter – or the no flash (though that is obviously limiting)  it’s the fact that I always have it on me. It loads fairly quickly and I can share the information, research, ideas quickly.

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