List of online music players and the like

Posted in music by solle on 24/12/2008
online music players

online music players

Lists are good and everyone has their own. What I haven’t seen is a stab at a list of online music players. Many appear and then disappear (Muxtape), obviously falling foul of copyright and have to make a new plan to reappear, some only exist within certain shores (Pandora – US) and some just keep on going (Favtape). What the future holds for new entrants like Tunesbag who knows (you could spend hours uploading your iTunes library and the wake up in the morning and the site has been closed down).

Please add any that I’m not aware of – thanks.

Here’s my list of online music players:


Last.fm v YouTube mashup



From the basement







Favtape Discovery


Muxtape and Mixwit (both should return soon but not quite sure what as)






Pandora (Install Hotspot Shield to access from outside US)


Wolfgang’s Vault



The Black Cab Sessions

There are definitely more out there. Any of them any good? Who knows. All a bit here today, gone tomorrow about it. Maybe I’ll try an online radio list next.

Please add any good ones that I’ve missed.

UPDATE: Found a couple of new ones, haven’t tested them: Just Hear it and Streamdrag and Simplify Media

UPDATE: Awdio live music stream from more than 60 clubs, Deezer, The Sixty One, One Llama, Jango, SoundCloud, Goom Radio, JamWee

UPDATE: Mixcloud Re-think radio (in private beta at present but get on the invite list by visiting the homepage.

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  1. Paul said, on 05/01/2009 at 10:17 pm

    You really ought to try Spotify. It’s free legal music with a better ux than piracy, and it will and should win the day. I love it!

  2. rapella said, on 03/06/2009 at 10:23 am

    Spotify is the Biz – not to mention Qual -)

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